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Our goal at BAXY | Engineering is to move to the sustainable side. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and not using corrugated packaging, we are making progress in this direction.

Climate: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

BAXY | Engineering is actively participating in the global transition towards sustainable mobility.

CO2 reduction is part of our overall business strategy. Therefore, we are constantly improving the overall process of energy saving. We are attempting to increase the percentage of renewable energy at our facility. Additionally, we will reduce the use of fossil fuels for transportation both inside the company and at our suppliers.

Resources: Circularity and landfill reduction

To achieve ZERO waste at the plant, we are integrating wastewater recycling and eliminating polythene, plastic, and corrugated boxes from our plants. Minimising the use of wood in our operations and utilising the waste wood in preparing furniture and wooden pallets.

People: We are a human eccentric company

Our CSR activities aim to engage with society by providing food, education, and health camps and performing human rights reviews in our operations and supply networks.